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    Hair Bands

    These gorgeous packs of Popband hair accessories live together in perfect harmony; a collection of cute, colourful, plain, and printed 'no crease' hair ties to smarten up your locks! Perfect for sports, workouts, yoga, running, and everyday use.

    Sloth £8.00
    Safari £8.00
    Cherry Pie
    Cherry Pie £8.00
    Sweetie £8.00
    Watermelon £8.00
    Grapefruit | Printed Popband Hair Bands | Pink, Peach & Orange Hair Ties with Clear Mesh Panel
    Grapefruit £8.00
    Wild Thing | Printed Popband Hair Bands | Beige, Light Taupe & Peach Glitter Hair Ties with Cheetah Print
    Wild Thing £8.00
    Kate | Printed Popband Hair Bands | Black & Silver Star Print Hair Ties
    Kate £8.00
    Tye Dye | Printed Popband Hair Bands | Black, White & Grey Hair Ties with Monochrome Print
    Tye Dye £8.00
    Stardust | Printed Popband Hair Bands | Navy Blue & Gold Glitter Hair Ties with Polka Dot & Tie Dye Prints
    Stardust £8.00
    Unicorn | Printed Popband Hair Bands | Pink, Purple & Gold Unicorn Print Hair Ties
    Unicorn £8.00
    Tribal | Printed Popband Hair Bands | Grey, Pink & Mint Green Hair Ties with Aztec Print
    Tribal £8.00
    Cocoa | Solid Colour Popband Hair Bands | Hair Ties in Various Shades of Brown
    Cocoa £6.00
    Pop | Solid Colour Popband Hair Bands | Purple, Yellow, Pink, Mint Green & Orange Hair Ties
    Pop £6.00
    Milkshake | Solid Colour Popband Hair Bands | Pastel Blue, Pink, Green & Lilac Hair Ties
    Milkshake £6.00
    Ink | Solid Colour Popband Hair Bands | Hair Ties in Black & Various Shades of Grey
    Ink £6.00